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More Conversions

More sales and lower acquisition costs by showing recent visitor info

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Establish Urgency

Shoppers will fear missing out when they see recent transactions, visits and inventory

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Build Trust

Customers trust your store more when they know others are shopping there too

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What can social proof do for me?

Social proof is critical to help customers trust your store is the right place to make a purchase. It is a proven marketing tactic used by ecommerce stores around the world... you just might not realize it.

You can use the information that is already available from your store to create notifications that increase trust as well as sales in your shop.

Pudding is a simple, easy to install BigCommerce plugin which can quickly add honest and relevant social proof through transactions, inventory and visitor data.

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Use Honest Data to Improve Sales and Customer Experience

In your store, using REAL data.

  • Recent sales
    Display the amount of recent sales for each product

  • Quantity remaining
    Show how many of each product is left in stock

  • Recent views of products
    Display how many people recently viewed each product

  • Recent purchases
    Display locations of where your product was purchased from

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